Developmental Check Ups

Supporting the development of children; Our most valuable resource!

Included in the many services offered by Mountain View Parent LINK Centre is the opportunity for parents to monitor and support the development of their children.   Blond baby boy with sunglassesIt’s exciting and rewarding to see your child learn and grow. Just like regular visits to the eye doctor or to the dentist, it’s important to have a developmental check-up for your child.   With the assistance of a Parent LINK facilitator, parents and their children can participate in a simple screening that captures their child’s stages of development.  

To complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire select one of the links below or contact your local Parent Link facilitator.



The facilitator will follow up with you after you have submitted a questionnaire and will provide you with ideas to continue to support your child’s growth, as well as referrals to other services if required.  

This FREE service is offered to all children ages 0-6 years old. For more information contact your local Parent Link Centre. Checkups are available online at the links above or on-site by the Facilitator.