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  • MVPL Supervisor

    Jennifer Lanthier

    Hi, I am Jennifer and I have the wonderful job of being the supervisor of the Mountain View Parent Link Program. I have worked for Mountain View Parent Link in a few different roles since it came to Mountain View County in 2006!

    The best part of my job is supporting the Parent Link Facilitators to support families. I love the successes and silly stories from the centres! Or how they were able to give a family some little tidbit that really made a difference for them! I am extremely proud of each of the ladies who get to love your children daily!

    I am married with grown and almost grown children ages 22, 18 and 17. Even through my children are older, and I am on the “other side” I still feel being a parent is my most important job! I learn from them each and every day! I also learn from your children. Like the little boy who told me what to do with your ice cream cone when you have to go to the bathroom. “It depends” he advised “If it is a flat bottom cone, you can set it down. But if it has a pointy bottom, you have to get someone to hold it for you!” Wise words from an inquiring mind!
  • MVPL Administration Office

    Address: Mountainview Parent LINK Centre 1606-14 Street Didsbury, AB

    Phone: 403.507.3508 | Fax: 403.335.9794


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