• Triple P:

    Positive Parenting Program

    offers a positive approach to parenting that helps raise healthy confident children who do well at school and deal well with others. Information is provided in a variety of ways; general information, parenting advice, workshops and one-on-one parenting support.
  • Kids Have Stress Too

    The Kids Have Stress Too! Program is designed to help preschool and kindergarten age children understand and use effective social-emotional development and stress management strategies . This program is grounded in the science of early childhood and brain development and in the day-to-day reality of early learning.
  • Kimochi

    Kimochi (Key-Mo-Chee) means ‘feeling” in Japanese! Kimochis are a fun way to bring social-emotional learning to young children. When children learn to communicate their feelings effectively, they build self-confidence, self-esteem and strong relationship.
  • Literacy and Parenting Skills


    This program is designed to meet the needs of people who wish to improve their literacy skills – using parenting issues and materials. Topics may include: the family, building self-esteem in children, listening skills, positive discipline, conflict management, nutrition and home safety.
  • Infant Massage

    Massaging your baby is done with your heart and not just your hands. Your baby needs your loving touch to grow emotionally and physically strong. Massage is an evidence-based, safe and effective way to encourage a child’s growth and development. Learn massage strokes and how they benefit your baby during this 4 week session.

For more information on any of these programs please contact your local Parent LINK Facilitator or click here