Welcome to Parenthood

Welcome to Parenthood©

Are you expecting a baby?

Welcome to Parenthood will provide you and your chosen mentor with valuable information about the care and development of infants and will give you hands-on resources and information about supports in your community. Plus, you will receive a Baby Kit filled with special gifts and supplies to help you transition into parenthood.

What is Welcome to Parenthood?

  • Parent education classes where you discover how babies learn and grow 
  • Mentorship (A mentor is someone you choose who is from your own social network like your mom, sister, or neighbour, who you invite to join you for the parent education class. Your mentor will be asked to meet with you weekly from pregnancy until your baby is a few months old)
  • Baby Kit filled with special gifts & supplies for your new baby


Deb Goerzen | 403.586.1340 | earlylearning@mountainviewparentlink.org